2021 IEEE 5th Conference on Energy Internet and Energy System Integration

2021-05-09 15:38



The 5th IEEE Conference on Energy Internet and Energy System Integration focuses on innovative technologies and practical applications regarding – “Energy Internet” and “Energy System Integration” (EI2 in abbreviation). The theme of EI2 2021 is “Energy Internet for Lower Carbon Emission”, focusing on the theory, roadmap, demonstration and deployment for energy & power transition development to support China’s action plan for ‘peak carbon dioxide emissions’ and ‘carbon neutral’. Specifically, the objective of the transition development of energy & power is to build new power system with new energy as the main body, having the performances of wide interconnection, intelligent interaction, flexibility & resilience, security & controllability.

EI2 integrates multiple energy systems, e.g. electricity, gas, heating, cooling and transportation and so on, to shape a green, low-carbon, efficient, low-cost and environmental-friendly energy ecosystem. To promote the interconnection, openness, sharing and coordination of various energy resources, EI2 2021involves energy storage and ICT technologies, including cloud computation, big data analysis, internet of things (IoT), mobile internet, artificial intelligence (AI), block-chain and applications of 5G communication.

The 5th IEEE Conference on Energy Internet and Energy System Integration (EI2 2021) will be held at the Hubin International Convention Center, Taiyuan, China from Oct. 22thto 24th, 2021. This conference is co-sponsored by Taiyuan University of Technology, Tsinghua University, IEEE Power & Energy Society (IEEE PES) and Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering (CSEE), and co-organized by Energy Internet Research Institute of Tsinghua University, IEEE PES China, Tsinghua-Berkeley Shenzhen Institute and Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering, Shanxi Society for Electrical Engineering and Chinese Association of Automation.

The conference will set various awards, such as the Best Paper Award and the Energy Internet Best Practice Award. The conference papers will be included by IEEE Xplore and EI, and high-quality papers will be recommended to Journal of Modern Power Systems and Clean Energy (MPCE), Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering Journal of Power and Energy Systems (CSEE JPES) and Applied Energy etc.


  • Renewable energy grid interconnection
  • Smart grid security
  • ICT application in energy internet
  • Market mechanism and policy supporting energy internet
  • Key equipment of energy internet
  • Business model of energy internet
  • Demonstration of energy internet
  • Others

Oct. 22th – 24th, 2021, Taiyuan, China

(Onsite registration: Oct. 22th

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